03 May, 2009

Seattle Sun gives way to Oregon Clouds

After 6 hours of Jim at the wheel, we stopped in Eugene for lunch at The Glenwood, followed by Craig taking over the driving. An all-important pit stop for Maker's Mark and we are heading back to I-5.

Not clear yet if we will stop in Ashland or push for the border. Highlights so far:

Grassy hillsides...

Blind man playing chicken with Eugene traffic...

Jima quote of day regarding the feebleness of human babies compared to other species: "I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want them running around right after popping out of the twat"

Other sightings: bald eagles... Lots of em.

The guys entertaining themselves with various books: Post Office by Bukowski (Jason), Rum Diaries by Hunter S Thompson (Craig), and a book about death in small 19th century towns (Jim). Eventually I will open up the Keith Richards bio I've been reading for months. But for now, it's Facebook Scrabble because I can... REVOLTER for 82 points... Yippee. Eventually that will grow old.

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