13 June, 2009

The beginning of senility

Sometimes I go for weeks without any "ideas" for blogs. I force a few out, but nothing comes naturally. Then I hit a spurt, where I have dozens of ideas literally spilling over. And when this occurs, I usually need to make notes for myself so that I remember what to write later, if I am not at a computer. I usually send myself a really brief email with the subject "Blog" and then body containing a word or two that describes the blog's topic.

Police... done
Oven cleaning... done
Blue Ribbon Entertainment... done

And then there's one that says:


And I have no fucking clue what that was supposed to be about. I think I had an idea for a blog that related to cats. I really don't know. And I guess you'd understand since it's been days, right? Except it's been like 6 hours. And I have no idea what my blog topic was supposed to be. Is my brain really deteriorating that rapidly? Is my hippocampus no longer rich in the glutamatergic neurons that once sent out their arbors so proudly and freely? Do I need to go purchase some mental floss?

It's disappointing. I almost feel like I should make something up regarding cats, just to appease myself. But I really don't have anything to say about them. I must have had something good to say earlier though.

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