12 June, 2009

I am apparently objectionable

At some point in time, I discovered the "objectionable content flag" on someone's blog. It was actually on the blog of an ex-girlfriend of mine. She had posted a variety of things that would likely be considered to be objectionable by a large percentage of the community. The objectionable content flag is something that appears across the top of the blog, in semi-hidden text. But it's there.

And now, it's there on my blog. I see it on Firefox. But I do not see it on IE or Google Chrome.

Someone flagged my blog as objectionable. I guess it is not surprising that if your blog is viewed by enough random people, it will be deemed objectionable by some reader. Especially if they're searching for blogs on a particular topic, and they come across one of my rants. Yes, sometimes I use profanity. Sometimes I say bad things about people. I have probably even mocked things like "God" on here. And that would undoubtedly be objectionable to a good chunk of the readers.

But I did not write about sex with animals. I did not write about abuse. I did not write about violence. I did not write about conspiracy to commit crime. I did not write words of hate against a certain religious or ethnic group.

I think that I did say that children and the elderly should not be allowed on airplanes. I suppose that might be objectionable to parents, children, grandparents, and a bunch of other people out there. But, I presume that people who are intelligent enough to click the buttons on their mouse are also intelligent enough to understand satire and sarcasm.

Apparently not. One of the beautiful things about freedom of speech is that, not only do I usually have the right to express myself, but you have the right to complain about it. Clicking the "Flag as objectionable" button is a form of free speech. Of course, it would be a more productive form of free speech to post a comment on my blog saying "I disagree with what you have said - could you please explain to me why you feel this, and understand that it upsets me". It's a good bet I would have discussed, explained, or even apologized, if I had been misunderstood.

Because, really, I mean nobody any harm.

But now, I'm flagged. I am not sure exactly what that will mean, if anything. Or how often the flags fly. I only presume it was done by someone who does not know me.

So, to those of you flaggers out there, I say this: "Feel free to post a comment, in addition to, or instead of flagging the blog. And think about the fact that a lot of what I write is not objectionable."

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