22 June, 2009

JOSW Day 1: Seattle-to-Philadelphia

Breakfast at the airport consisted of a coffee from Dilletante, in the main terminal, and then a Jalapeno Sunrise breakfast bagel, or some such thing, from "The Great American Breakfast" or some such place, in my terminal. I also bought a berry scone at Dilletante so I would have something to eat later on the plane, and Artemis had given me a cashew nut energy bar, which I also saved for later.

The flight to Philadelphia, on an Airbus A320, departed on time. Flying on US Airways, I was again treated to the well-discussed Zone Boarding scheme. I will note that, in spite of the supposed efficiency improvements of this method, it doesn't really help when the attendant says "We would now like to welcome passengers in all zones to board at this time". Um... didn't you read my blog?

But I'm not here to tell you about the airlines, at least not today.

So, I have to say that an A320 is a reasonably comfortable plane, all things considered. I had a window seat, I believe it was 25A. Middle seat was a man about to celebrate his 50th birthday, which he was going to celebrate with his twin brother who was 5 minutes older than him, and their mother. He lives in Tacoma, but he used to live in Seattle until about 10 years ago. I knew all this because he was telling the story to the woman in the aisle seat. And when he got done telling her, he wanted to tell the same story to me. Yep. He was one of those types. I felt bad, because he asked me about my job and where I was from, and I answered him, but then I didn't ask him, because I already knew the answers! He probably assumed I was just being rude, so he proceeded to tell me anyway.

I am happy to report that there were no screaming babies on the plane. No smelly people. And I was not sitting near a "lavatory". To me, the word "lavatory" sounds like a place where you would do research on volcanic materials. What the hell is wrong with calling it a restroom? Or a toilet? I still don't understand why "bathroom" is a completely unacceptable word in public forums. To me, I think it's the nicest of all the words for the damn place.

I spent a good portion of the flight reading about two-thirds of Bukowski's "Ham on Rye". And I exerted massive effort to not fall asleep, because I was convinced that I could surely elude jet lag, if only I could hold off sleep until the start of the overseas leg of the flight. This turned out to be a) a bad idea, and b) complete nonsense.

We arrived in Philadelphia on time.


  1. I like that one of your tags for this blog is "volcano."

  2. Well, I mentioned lava, didn't I?

  3. Or does that not pass the muster of a research librarian's categorization prowess?