12 June, 2009

Mailman: Dumb? Or a twisted sense of humor?

My mailman often puts the wrong mail in the wrong boxes. Very often, my neighbor's mail, labeled with a B address designator, ends up in my box, with the A designator. And sometimes if it is junk mail I throw it away because I am not the fucking mailman, and I am not going to do his job correctly for him. If it's something remotely important, I give it to Mr. B. I am pretty sure the mailman is either a slacker, or really blind.

But today, I was given cause to think it may be something else.

I open my mailbox and there's a letter addressed to Mr. B. On the envelope are lots of graphics, and the sender is "Blue Ribbon Entertainment" which sounds really sketchy to me. And then, upon further perusal, I notice that the envelope also says "Sexual Content Inside" which I am presuming is some sort of warning that must go on such things. The presence of this letter in my box made me wonder if the mailman likes fucking with people.

It created an awkward situation, because I do not want to, in any way, personally deliver this letter to Mr. B. but I presume that he might be interested in receiving it. Fortunately, I discovered that it is possible to slide mail in through the side of the locking box, so that I was able to sneak the letter into its correct destination, sans embarrassment for anyone.

But it does make me think about a few things. Doesn't it?

The fact that I have been reading Charles Bukowski's "Post Office" definitely plays a role in my alternative hypothesis formulation.

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