11 June, 2009

Protect and serve me... please

As a completely insane landlord of mine once said (about himself): "I'm a live and let live kind of guy". Of course, in his case, that meant that he wasn't going to fix anything that was wrong in the house, and he was going to verbally assault me if I suggested that anything needed to be repaired, such as drains that would not empty, or refrigerators that ceased to function.

But I finally decided, tonight, to call the police on my neighbors. The house next to me, in a short 18 months, has gone through either two or three series of renters, and it has been vacant for a time. The latest set of renters are three dopey vapid party girls who seem to be in their early twenties. They probably go to Seattle University, given the location. And it has gradually become the routine that there are parties on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturday nights. Occasionally Sundays. And they are loud. And stupid. With lots of drinking games. And it invariably spills out into the street and the yard. And their windows are all open, such that they might as well be in my living room.

And after a few of these events, I finally decided, the hell with it, I will call the police. I don't like "crying wolf" but part of the reason we pay taxes is so that the police can take care of our shit for us. And this is my shit tonight. Really, what bothers me is that the owner of the house continues to rent to shitty people instead of just selling the place. Eventually it will sell. And then I will, ironically, be sorry. Because undoubtedly, what will happen is that they will sell to a developer who will build something tall enough that I lose my view of Rainier. That's the way it goes.

I should wrap this up quickly, so I can go in the other room and watch the police do their thing. It's almost as much fun as watching television.


  1. How did it work out? Were the cops helpful?

    Also, I love the word vapid.

  2. It did not work out. The police came, they were quiet for about 5 minutes, and then they started their shit again. I gave up. I think it would be easier to just start making my own burning pitch and dump it out the window onto them. It worked in the old days.