13 June, 2009

Shit, now I remember!

Cats... of course.

They're furry. They're soft. They sometimes give love. They sometimes provide entertainment. Even more rarely, true companionship. The save us from loneliness, boredom. Some say that they add years to your life.

But sometimes, I look at cats, and they make me realize, in a nutshell, what animals really do. Basically, animals eat, shit, fuck, sleep, and kill. That's honestly about it. That's the extent of animal behavior. Anything else is optional. And only a subset of those things are unavoidable. You can outlaw killing, or at least significantly decrease the likelihood of it. You can render the act of fucking to be functionally ineffective though, even still, most animals will engage in some gesture resembling it. So, that leaves us with eat, shit, and sleep.

And what do plants do?

I guess they don't sleep. So we've got that over the plants.

I'm sure glad I remembered what the cat blog was supposed to be about!

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