07 July, 2009

Hard Stuff... Easy Stuff...

Here's the way it works.

Anything that I can do is, by definition, "easy".
Anything that I cannot do is, by definition, "hard".

Therefore, the following things are easy:
  • Tuning a guitar without a tuner
  • Estimating the logarithm of any number
  • Giving a presentation without practicing it or thinking about it first
  • Figuring out the chords to a song without a guitar in hand
  • Making charts in Excel
  • Finding "the best deal" on the internet for [insert item here]
  • Making pizza
And the following things are hard:
  • Anything resembling actual "art"
  • Violin
  • Reading piano music
  • Learning Russian
  • Skiing
  • Writing songs
  • Skating
  • Being positive
  • Tiling
  • Concentrating on one thing for more than 30 minutes

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