29 December, 2009

Guitars and Helicopters...

These things go hand-in-hand, right?

So, they must. I posted my 1970's Fender Champ amplifier to Craigslist because I am trying to unload it just to cut down on things I don't need. The contents of my ad are not integral to my story, but it was posted under Musical Instruments, and read in the standard fashion.

Today I received this email in response to my ad:


Blade1.jpg (65KB)

Would you be interested in a trade for an RC helicopter?

I have an E-flight Blade 400 RC Helicopter with many upgrades.
The blade 400 has the purple
CNC metal head and the spectrum transmitter.
It has one new Hyperion battery,
carbon fiber blades and extra wood blades.
I also have the original box for the helicopter.
battery charger and one new batteries (batteries are $40 each, and the charger $120).
HiTech gyro and servo combo ($180 new), which helps keep the tail in place (a major upgrade).
Everything you need for the perfect gift!!
This helicopter was recently serviced by Dale at RC Hobbies in Seattle.
Blade 400 helicopter, Spectrum transmitter and 1 battery $400
HiTech gyro and servo combo $90
Hyperion battery charger and 1 battery $100
Package deal: $525 cash.
Call Ron at
Ronald XXXXXXX, ND, PhD - Licensed Naturopathic Physician
E-mail: ron@xxxxxxx.com, Phone: (206) xxx-xxxx

The best part is that this sounds like it would be a 14-year old kid, and it's some sort of doctor dude. I don't know. Maybe I *should* get a helicopter. If it were powerful enough to put the cats in it, that would make it worthwhile.

Actually, I lied. The *best* part is that the so-called "helicopter" looks like a pile of electromechanical refuse in a heap all over his workbench.

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  1. I think these things go hand in hand if you live in an apartment in the basement of your parents' house. -Inman Wheelright