28 December, 2009

Slemony Nicket's Series of Fortunate Events

I decided I wanted a new(er) car. My friend decides she also wants a new(er) car. Her car was newer than mine. I buy hers.

I decided I wanted to sell my old car cheap and fast. Initial avenue of sale (to a friend) falls through due to lack of interest. Friend who sells me her car finds a potential buyer at the dealership where she is buying her new car. What could be easier.


I take my car to get the tabs renewed. Find out that it needs an emissions test. Okay. No biggie.

Bring it for emissions. Car fails emissions. Pain in the ass.

Find out I need to spend *lots* of money ($400) to pass emissions. Go to dealer, which would normally be a bad idea, but I like this dealer, and wanted it done right and fast. Dealer asks me how much I am going to ask for my car. I tell them. They tell me I am crazy, and that my car is worth *far* more than I am asking.

I take their advice, and list my car for "far more".

Sell my car to the first person who sees it. Come out way ahead.

Moral of the story: Sometimes the shortest distance between two points is not the fastest.

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