30 December, 2009

Thus another year approaches its end

When the new year is approaching, we all have our own unique version of "looking back" or "looking ahead". Some of us do more of one and less of the other. We make resolutions, some of which we'll keep, and some of which we will abandon before the 1st of February.

The thing that stands out for me in this past year is that, more than any other year, I traveled a lot. In this calendar year alone, I visited:

Germany (twice)
New York
Arizona (5 times)
Portland (at least 3 times)

Combined, those trips amounted to somewhere in the ballpark of 55 days away from home. None of that traveling was work-related. For most of the flights, I traveled alone (except for Kauai). It was a lot of back and forth. Obviously I cannot complain, since not very many people have the luxury or opportunity to move around as much as I did this year.

But I guess I come out of this year tired. With the feeling like I have uprooted myself from the regular routine. To add to the uprooting, I decided to switch jobs, and spent large chunks of the year in pursuit of this new opportunity. There were several dead ends, and no small amount of effort put into trying to pursue those paths that ultimately bore no fruit. For a bit, I desperately tried to get myself on the "Westside", since the commute across the lake every day has a way of sapping the life out of anyone. And that commute means that I spend about a third of my waking hours in environs that I would rather avoid.

I sold my third car in 2 years, as you have heard the last few entries.

I am tired of change. But somehow I seem drawn to it. Every few years, I seem to have a full discard, shuffle, and re-dealing of the cards.

Anyway, this can't possibly be interesting to anyone but me. And it did not go in the direction I wanted it to go.

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  1. interesting to other people too! Happy 2010 to you!! (: :) :) (: (: :)