07 January, 2011

Tax savings = Lost revenue (or is that not obvious to you)

Have a look at this website. It's one of Tim Eyman's "things."

At the bottom of the page, they spout off with great pride how they've saved Washington taxpayers over $15 billion with the three initiatives that they've passed (I-695, the $30 tabs; I-747, the 1% property tax cap; and I-776, also related to tab fees). Sounds great, huh? We've got $15 billion more in our pockets that we can use to buy shit that we don't need. You'd think that this would be good for everyone, right? Saves us all money, right? Well, the property tax initiative doesn't help anyone who doesn't own property. And the tab fee initiative saves more money for people who drive more expensive cars (who, ironically, would not be impacted in the least by the higher tab fees - if you can afford to drive a goddamn Escalade, you can pay $500 a year to keep it on the road, if nothing else than as a punishment for such an environmentally unfriendly choice). But no. That would be unfair, right? People (even rich ones) should not be penalized for the choices they make, right? Why should they carry a higher burden?

So now, over the last 8-10 years, what it all means is that we've had $15 billion less in revenue that could have been used for getting things done in this state that we can't afford to get done. I wonder how many services were cut? Aid to homeless? Elderly? Health care? Education? Road maintenance? I wonder how much you could do with $15 billion dollars?

But we should be thankful, because Tim Eyman and company gave it back to the taxpayers.

Thank you, Tim.

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