14 January, 2011

Windows Phone 7 supporters more fanatic than iPhone supporters

Over the years, I have posted many blog entries flaming the iPhone for its various shortcomings and annoyances. The manner in which I did it was informal, crass, and impulsive. Often, after making those posts, I would later realize that I was just in a bad mood that day, and taking out my frustrations on an inanimate object. But never once did my posts about the iPhone lead to anonymous verbal assaults for my expressing opinions on here.

A few weeks ago, I decided to post a blog entry about the new Windows Phone 7. My intent was not to be inflammatory, and it was not done out of knee-jerk reaction. Actually, it was a "formal" review of my experience with the Samsung Focus. The intent of the blog was to share my experiences with others online. And part of the reason for this was because I felt that the handful of posts that were already out there on the web were completely inconsistent with the experience I was having, slanted heavily toward the "cheerleader" angle. In fact, most of what I read felt like it was written by people who had an agenda. So, I was merely trying to give a different perspective.

The result?

I've received hate mail. Some of which I've published as comments, and some of which I have omitted. People have told me that I should just not post such things like that anymore (apparently, they feel that expressing one's opinion online is something that only some people should be allowed to do). I've also received messages directly attacking me as a person. That's entertaining and, of course, says far more about the mindset of the people posting than it does about me.

I'm not sure when it became unacceptable to dislike something, and let others know about it. Would it be better if we went to sites like Yelp! and saw nothing but positive reviews of restaurants? Would it be useful if we went to Amazon.com and saw every product rated with a 5-star rating? It's true that sometimes people's reviews are colored by bias, and sometimes reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt. But it's the reader's right to decide which are which.

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