20 July, 2011

Conspiracy Theory #131: MENSA Sarah P

Sarah Palin? Michele Bachmann?

Look at the things they've said... the views they espouse... the massive gaffes, and seemingly shameless manner in which they recover from them. The only possible explanation is that it's all an act. The American people, on average, are of below average intelligence. And people like people who are like them. So if you get up there and act like a world-class moron, people will like you. They feel comfortable. They can relate. And what's even better? When the "liberal elite" start pointing out all the ways in which these folks are wrong, it just makes them look stodgy, intolerant, and overly perfectionist. And that strengthens the bond with these caricatures even further.

So I say: Good job, Sarah. Good job, Michele. You've got everyone fooled.

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