12 September, 2011

Moments: From My Window (1/29/2006)

The sky is steel-gray, or maybe it's lighter than that. I can't really picture steel. Call it brushed aluminum, then, I guess. But from here, I'm trying to appreciate this view that I never particularly asked for. But looking on the bright side, as I now am, I can see what is one of the islands or hills or whatever. Seattle has so many of them. Who can keep track? Maybe it's Magnolia. It's definitely not Mercer. That much, I've learned. The beautiful power plant sits off to the left of the plane. Why does anyone ever get stuck with a power plant near their home? Seems like this junk could go underground or on some platform in the ocean.

Large black dog is led down 8th by a woman in a scarf. The dog was gigantic... wolf-sized. Or maybe the girl was tiny? This is not pleasing me, but I'm losing the moment, so let's bring it back. Out the window. A chimney sticks up straight ahead. I can sight along the sharp 50 degree angle of the roof that holds it. Moss covered on the north edge, but clean on its south side. Weird how just a few inches is the difference between moss and not. A few inches, distinguishing a favorable environment from a tundra. Is the light really that different between those two spots? The moss knows.

I still can't see why this view is special. It's expansive, but everything in my line of sight is drab. Too low to really see the mountains. I've always come by this neighborhood from above, and thought that to the west was a somewhat stark or barren or industrial-looking landscape. But now it's my view, so I guess I'd better start seeing the beauty in it.

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