01 January, 2012

Precious things lost forever

When in doubt, don't get rid of it.

That is truly a motto to live by. Because you never know what you'll be sorry to lose. And sometimes, you do know what you'll be sorry to lose, but you let it go anyway. One might point out that this could be taken to an extreme, in the case of pack rats, hoarders, etc. But for the average, balanced person, I would say that if you have one moment's hesitation, keep it. Find a place to put it. Give it to someone for safekeeping, even.

I wrote those first few lines over a year ago. And interestingly, almost exactly a year later, the topic came up again today. Today, I put a little spin on it though. If it has any sentimental value whatsoever, keep it. If it's a stack of random papers that mean nothing to you, that you haven't looked at for 6 years, toss it.

I've lost a few precious things.

A dollar bill. Hand-made greeting cards. Guitars. And in every case, I could have and should have known at the time that I parted with them that I would long regret the decision. In one case, it was brief brainwashing that led to the relinquishment. In another case, it was fear. When it came to guitars, it was the illusion that I needed the paltry amount of money from a sale in order to justify the purchase of some other piece of gear.

Even today, with my countless guitars, I am still heeding my own advice to part with none because I don't need the cash, and well, you just never know when you're gonna wish you still had that guitar. Of course, the guitars are replaceable. The greeting cards were not. And neither was the dollar bill that belonged with the cow.

Don't lose your precious things.

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