04 February, 2012

Cross pollination and promotion of all things feeble

So, I've been a bit absent from here, but I have actually been writing.

I started a "Yoga Blog" which is intended to track my progress, internally and externally, in my new yoga practice. I've only been practicing yoga for about 4 months, and I decided about a month ago to start tracking it in a journal. This was partly to get me out of a rut, by giving myself a concrete topic to focus my writing. But it is also so that I can monitor the changes and growth that I am experiencing.

The blog is called The Feeble Yogi.

I intend to keep both blogs going, and I am starting to feel like ideas are flowing that fall into this blog's subject matter. But in case you've been wondering what I've been doing, you can check that one out as well.

Truth be told, I've got all kinds of blogs that are either semi-dormant, dead, or disabled.

There are many things to be written.

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