22 February, 2012

Eastbound and down

It's getting dark. Rapidly. Now it is dark. That fast. When you are traveling east, everything happens more quickly. Blue sky becomes sunset. Twilight becomes blackness.

Going home seems to always have some feeling of darkness associated with it. I ran away from home, in a way. Well, I actually drove away from home. But the effect was the same. I spent 30 years there, and I decided that was enough.

After my departure, little pieces of that world disintegrated bit by bit. I feel like I am looking at a photo of Marty McFly's family in the movie Back To The Future. First my mother disappears. Then my sister.

Okay, that's morbid. And perhaps a little over-dramatic.

Still, I do feel heaviness heading east, and lightness heading west. That is the way it is. West is safe. East is uncertain. West is my life. East is my past. West is where everything now is. East is a sense of vacancy.

More drama. Oh, but it's good drama, right? I'm not pitying myself, mind you.

I am just heading east again. And this is all part of the show.

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