11 February, 2012

No regret

"I will always regret so many things regarding us." That's what she said. I won't tell you who she is. And I won't tell you when she said it. And I won't tell you why she said it. But for all of the possible explanations for such a statement, from all possible sources, at all possible times, I will respond with the same assertion of certainty:

There is no regret.

Things happen, and we accept them. No matter which side of the action we are standing. If we cause pain, we must accept that we did it, and try to understand why we did it. And learn from it. And try to hold ourselves to a higher standard the next time. If we are the recipient of this pain, then we need to accept that we steered our lives along a path.

Again, I find words from the past. And I do not even know who they were about. It's strange to me that things from only a few years ago can have blended into some sort of mosaic of memories such that the same words could be true about many people. I guess the common theme among all possible subjects of the above was none other than me. I guess it shouldn't be surprising that I was struggling with regret.

There have been a few times in my life where regret has become a major factor. These days, I try to see things as: "If I am happy with where I am right now, then how can I possibly regret anything that has led me to this point?" And that's a cute little romantic view of the world. Basically, I am glad to be where I am right now. And I know that some of the things that I went through that triggered the greatest regret at various times are also some of the principal catalysts for the major choices I've made that landed me where I am.

But still, it troubles me... "I will always regret so many things regarding us..." What troubles me about it is just how many people it could have been who might have said that. How should I feel about being attached to that much regret? Maybe this is just the way love goes; the way life goes. We try things. And sometimes (usually) they don't work. And people regret. At least for a while.

Can I look back with no regret?

Can you?

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