11 February, 2012

Things you don't see anymore, or someday soon won't

A cord between the part of the phone that you hold in your hand ("the receiver"), and the part of the phone that attaches to the wall (I don't know what the hell that was ever called).

The expression "leaving the phone off the hook".

Gas pumps with mechanical numbers that flip over to indicate how many dollars you spent.

Postage stamps (okay, I am an oddball here, because I already don't ever purchase these anymore - but someday, no one will use them).


Unattractive middle-aged commercially successful pop/rock musicians with talent, who actually write and perform their own material.

Cathode ray tube televisions or computer screens.

Local banks.

Video stores.


Television programming that involves professional actors.

Trivia questions that cannot be immediately answered.

Things that are paid for by taxes.

Phone books (we can only hope).

Libraries (sadly).

Fair elections.

Cassette tapes.


Saber-tooth tigers.

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