30 July, 2012

If you were to die today...

How would you be remembered?

I was walking home today, and that thought crossed my mind. It wasn't a morbid thought. It wasn't rooted in fear. It was borne out of curiosity, actually. How would I be remembered? But it wasn't stemming from some desire to know what people really think of me, or to be a fly on any sort of wall. It wasn't coming from a place of ego. I'm sure there's a bit of all of those things that I'm saying "it wasn't," or I probably wouldn't have synthesized those non-things-that-it-was.

But what it was really about was this: Asking myself "How am I living my life right now? How have I defined myself? Who do my actions make me... right here.. right now?"

There's a reason why they have sayings like "Live every day as if it might be your last." Of course, that type of saying gets hijacked, misinterpreted, and abused into justifying all sorts of fanciful or reckless behavior. But I think what it's meant to point out is the inescapable fact that we are always in a defining moment. Whether we know it or not. There are not "important moments" and "unimportant moments." There are only "moments."

How do you want to be remembered?

We are in complete control of that. In fact, irrespective of what has come before, we can begin redefining ourselves right now. We aren't trapped by our history. We aren't stuck in our prior selves. Of course, we must accept consequences what has come before. But that doesn't bind us to that definition of our character.

Who are you right now?

Do you know? It's not even really about "What would people say about me?" It's more a question of "What was that guy all about?" It's about the story.

What is your story?

We all have a story. Stories, actually. We have stories we tell ourselves. We have stories we tell others. These are often not the same stories. We tell others about what we find inspiring, important, interesting. We tell ourselves about what we think we're supposed to have, want, be. What if we could find a way to make those stories converge? What if we thought about what we find inspiring, important, interesting, and then focused our intention on pursuing that inspiration in our own lives.

Become the story you want to tell most. But instead of telling it, simply live it.

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