17 January, 2013

Thailand: Downtime is a necessary thing (Thursday)

There will be nowhere near the level of granularity in the details that I can offer about this and the remainder of the trip, as it now stands three months past. But I want to document it, partly because it was something I started, but also because it will stand as my memory going forward. Even though it may not be entirely accurate, it will eventually become truth, as I recall it. So here goes...

After the insane amount of activity on the previous days, including the long boat ride and long day of snorkeling, there was not really much energy to do anything. We knew that the next day would be another long snorkeling trip, and therefore there was not a whole lot of motivation to do anything too intense. And, if you're staying in Khao Lak, there are not options-a-plenty. I had read about, or heard about a park where we could do either walking or hiking. It would require a taxi to get there, and there just wasn't the motivation to do it.

When we got up, we had the standard morning breakfast, and then I believe we meandered in the general direction of the town, to see what was going on. There wasn't much going on. There was nothing going on. We were sunburned. Tired. Low energy. Not particularly thrilled with one another, if I recall correctly. We found our way to a pharmacy, which was amusing, because of the combination of having no idea what things were or, even more amusingly, finding things that we could not believe were sold over the counter without a prescription, and seeing that they cost next to nothing compared to what they cost in the States (e.g. prescription antibiotics that can be quite expensive back home, available for a dollar). I think we bought some type of skin something or other. I cannot remember.

We wandered further.

We saw that there was a restaurant that offered a cooking class. We got the information, as best as we could, with our limited ability to communicate. We contemplated that perhaps we would do the class on Saturday. But there wasn't a whole lot of enthusiasm around it. We were lethargic. We dragged our burnt bodies back to the hotel. I believe there was extended lounging in the room. Then, I think we made our way to a beachfront hotel's sitting area. The intention was to sit in the shade, and read. Someone came over and chastised us for not ordering a beverage from the hotel bar. So we did. Even in the shade, it was uncomfortable because the sun kept creeping back onto my burned legs. And the feeling of sand or even of a towel was not pleasant on my skin. I was wondering how I would stand going back into the sun the next day for more snorkeling. But there was some hope that good sunscreen would protect us. The so-called waterproof stuff we'd previously applied was useless, and probably washed away instantly. And it was exacerbated by my getting in and out of the water. I thought I had reapplied it, but I don't think it takes to the skin when the skin is wet with salt water. Must go on dry skin.

We read in the shade for a long time. Eventually, that was enough. We made our way back toward the hotel. I am certain we did not get another massage, because I cannot imagine having someone touch my skin on my legs.

There was a dip in the pool. Then into the room. And more lounging. On the one hand, it is easy to feel like it's a "wasted day," not having planned activities. But part of vacation is, factually speaking, accepting the need for downtime. And we also knew we needed to be "on" for the next day's activities.

For dinner, we managed to get our act together, and it was back to Green Pepper, the place that had been so good two nights past. We had already pretty much decided that Thursday would be a repeat at Green Pepper, and Friday would be a repeat at Blue Mist, with our new friends. We could have explored other places, but these two were truly worth revisiting.

So... back to Green Pepper. It was a little less crowded this time. I don't remember what we ordered. I would not be surprised, nor should you be, if I were to learn that I had ordered Panang Curry again. Because there's a really good chance I did. But at this point, who knows.

There was not much more to the evening past dinner. We didn't have the energy or the will for nightlife. So it was clearly a case of more lounging, followed by unconsciousness. The next morning would be another early one.

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