08 March, 2013

Sears Home Services

Dear Customer, please wait while we connect you to a Sears Blue Service Crew member to assist you
Connected to David Fleischer
David Fleischer : Thank you for choosing Sears. My name is David. How may I assist you?
You : hi
You : Bob xxxxxxxxxxxxx
David Fleischer : Hi Bob.
You : xxx xxxx Avenue, xxxxxx, xx xx
You : xxx-xxx-xxxx
You : xxxx@xxxxxx.com
You : i am the homeowner
You : waiting for a service rep who was supposed to arrive between 8-11
You : no call, no update
David Fleischer : Thank you for the information.
David Fleischer : I apologize that we have not arrived yet. 
You : i have contacted chat 2 times already and they gave me false info both times
You : first time they said "any minute"
David Fleischer : Let me check your file and help you further.
You : second time they said "the dispatcher or tech will contact you in a few minutes"
You : nothing has happened
You : i am missing important meetings at work and my boss is not pleased with the situation
You : this is the 3rd time i have had to take a half day off, and the problem is not solved
You : i am leaning toward contacting my credit card company and disputing the service charge of $212 that sears made becuase this is unacceptable support
David Fleischer : I apologize for the frustration and inconvenience caused because it was not what you were expecting. 
You : i should not be paying for this
You : also, i want to let you know that i'm not angry at you :) just angry at sears service. i know this isn't your fault.
David Fleischer : I completely understand your frustration at this point, and want to apologize for all of the frustration that you have experienced thus far.
You : is there anything sears is prepared to do other than just keep apologizing while i keep taking time off from work?
David Fleischer : However, I have cheked your file and see that the service is assigned to our technician.
You : an 8-11 appointment means that i should be able to schedule my work around that time window.
David Fleischer : I will go ahead and send a message to our technician and say our technician to call you and give the estimate time of technician arrival time,
You : that's what the last person i spoke with promised - i don't think they're acting on the request
You : i know your team is reaching out to the tech, but it's going into a black hole
David Fleischer : I am sorry, I undertand you concern, Bob. I’d feel disappointed too if technician not arrived on time.
You : he just called me
You : estimated arrival 12:30
David Fleischer : Thank you for the information.
You : so, i'm looking at missing more meetings today
David Fleischer : I apologize for any inconvenience caused to you in this regard.
You : so would it be correct to say that sears is unwilling to do anything to show that they value the time i have lost?
David Fleischer : Customer satisfaction is our prime goal. I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
You : but how can you achieve customer satisfaction without doing anything to "make things right" when you make errors that impact your customer experience?
David Fleischer : We value the business of every customer, and we would never do anything to intentionally put those relationships in peril.
You : but when that happens, though unintentional, am i correct in hearing that sears policy is to do nothing to rectify the inconvenience?
David Fleischer : We strive to provide our customers with prompt and accurate service in response to their individual situations. High-quality and accurate Customer Service is our foremost priority. We are working diligently to improve our internal systems and training programs. 
David Fleischer : This does not at all excuse the fact that you had to wait. I am truly sorry for the lack of assistance that you have received. 
You : okay, but to repeat, there's nothing sears will do in terms of the money i paid to sears for a certain standard of service?
You : you're keeping that money?
You : sears is, i mean
David Fleischer : I want to assure you that Sears does care for it's customers. I would like to tell you that this is a rare incident.
You : but it happened twice in one week
You : monday was a no-show due to illness, and i missed half a day of work
You : and today, they're over an hour late outside the window
David Fleischer : I absolutely understand how you are feeling right now and to be honest, I would have felt the same. 
You : just tell me that there's nothing else sears is willing to do. i want you to put it in writing that sears will not compensate customers for lost time and inconvenience that should have been preventable
David Fleischer : I assure you that we will make the decisions necessary to protect our customers. 
David Fleischer : Such an incident is an isolated one. 
David Fleischer : I am sorry that it happened in your case. Please do give us another chance to demonstrate the care we take in helping our customers to shop with us in a better way. 
David Fleischer : We always try and ensure that you get the maximum benefit out of a purchase.
You : i'm making it difficult for you here, because it is obvious you are not allowed to say that sears will do nothing, and yet, you also cannot say that sears will do something. and you probably agree with me that this is ridiculous.
You : but you probably can't even say that you agree
You : anyway, i won't torture you any further. i have copied and pasted all of this and it's going into my blog. i'll blank your name out so you don't get dinged for it. but i want it to be known that this is sears' policy
David Fleischer : I am sorry, we do not have information on that, Bob.
You : david... have a great day. i am sorry you were not allowed to help me.
David Fleischer : Is there anything else I can help you today?
You : yes. i had a question about my aquarium.
David Fleischer : I am sorry, Bob. we do not have any information on Aquarium.
You : you don't? sears does not service aquariums?
David Fleischer : Yes, that's right, Bob.
You : would it be possible, when this technician arrives, for me to have him clean my aquarium as compensation for the time i have lost? that would be an acceptable solution for me.
You : (this is all going in the blog too)
You : i can send you the link if you're interested in sharing it with your friends
You : it's http://www.feeblefables.com - i should have the blog posted probably within a half hour or so
David Fleischer :
Is there anything else I can help you today?
You : is that a "no" regarding the aquarium cleaning? the technician is here now. i can ask him but i wanted to run it by you first.
You : it should only take him about 3 hours, which is about the amount of time i wasted
David Fleischer : I am sorry, That will not be possible with our technician, Bob.
You : could you send someone else to do that?
You : David. Do you think my request is unreasonable?
David Fleischer : I am sorry, we do not service Aquariums, Bob.
You : so... it appears we are at a bit of a standstill then, huh?
You : wait - i have an idea
You : sears charged me $39.99 to check and see if my washer needed any service. there was nothing wrong with it. maybe sears could just refund me for that service as a show of consideration to me. the technician was already here for another service that i paid for, so it would seem a reasonable request and compensation, wouldn't it?
You : this occurred last week when the first technician was here
David Fleischer : I am sorry, You can contact us ( Home Service) at our toll free number 1-800-4 MY-HOME (1-800-469-4663) and they will help you further on this.
You : but i really want YOU to help me
You : David
You : please help me?
David Fleischer : I am sorry, we do not have that option, Bob.
You : please?
You : (still pasting into the blog, by the way)
David Fleischer : Okay, Bob.
You : really?! you'll help me!?!?!?!
You : thank you!!!!!!!!
David Fleischer : You are welcome.