14 March, 2014

Creamsicle's Ball Missing

Friday, March 14, 2014
News in Brief
Seattle, WA

This afternoon, during a routine game of "Fetch the Foil Ball," Creamsicle's ball went missing during a catch and return in the dining room at his owners' residence in Seattle, Washington. In this game, one of his owners typically will throw the ball in an arbitrary direction, occasionally after some brief deception or "false tosses," and Creamsicle will the pursue and quickly retrieve the small, approximately 2cm diameter, densely compacted aluminum foil ball. This game will continue, often through as many as 10-12 rounds, until Creamsicle either tires, and fails to pursue the ball, or pursues the ball, but then proceeds to lay on the ball, or bat it lazily in place where he has found it.

Today was different, though.

After several of the early rounds of toss and retrieve, an impressive toss by Creamsicle's "father" sent him scampering far across the living room, into the dining room, sliding on the hardwood floors. Then there was silence. Moments later, there was a small meow. And another. Creamsicle was not returning with the ball, instead standing in the dining room near the corner of the table, and meowing.

Both owners called out, "Creamsicle... go get it... get it... get the ball, Creamsicle!"

But Creamsicle did not come.

When they went to the dining room to see what the deal was, expecting that the ball would be under the edge of the plant stand, or possibly tucked under a corner of the recycling container, all of these obvious spots came up empty.

Creamsicle's ball had gone missing.

"We throw it in lots of different directions, and there are definitely some times that it gets lodged in something, or goes behind a piece of furniture. But this was weird, because there's really no place that it could go where a human wouldn't see it," said Creamsicle's "mother."

At the time of this report, the couple was looking under the vacuum cleaner, which was stored in the corner of the dining room, while Creamsicle stood by, meowing and rubbing up against legs.