06 November, 2015

Gogo "inflight" is a price-gouging racket on Alaska Airlines and others

Gogoinflight, the service that enables you to have shitty shitty internet connectivity, part of the time, while trapped on airplanes, has increased their rates again. I guess their marketing department did some conjoint analyses that showed that they'd come out more profitable if they enraged 95% of their user base and lost 30% of their user base, which is about what I would guess. Because, see, if you double your prices, and lose only a third of your users... guess what? You are making more money. And you'd think that a company does not want to enrage its user base, because of brand reputation, and all that. But the fact is, they're in an unregulated market with no competition. In fact, there's really no foreseeable possibility of competition in the near term. So they have truly, absolutely, nothing to lose. And their enraged user base will still pay (well, 70% of them) because most of the users are expensing the cost of this for business.

It's shitty shitty corporate politics, bad corporate citizenship, and all that jazz.

I have to lay a little bit of blame on the airlines that use the service, because a) they allow this to happen rather than provide internet to their users as a courtesy, b) they probably make a cut of the revenue, and c) it's one more way in which we are treated like 8th class citizens while in the sky.

That's all I've got to say. Shame on you Gogo, or whatever your actual company name is. I at least want to shame you on here in case anyone's looking.