10 May, 2016

Do not read this blog

Do not read this blog.


I am in the sky. I can only guess I am at 39,000 feet. Somewhere between a god that doesn't exist, and an earth that someday won't.

I am euphoric. I am insane. Yes. They gave me the MVP Gold double dose of wine, to placate me and make me a "good passenger." I am. It worked.

The flight attendant who "did this to me" happens to be named Romeo. He is at the front of the plane. I can see him now. He has his glasses on his forehead. They look like sunglasses, but they are not. That would be absurd. But he has a strap for his non-sunglasses, and he is standing in the aisle in front of first class. He did this to me. But I cannot really complain because I am flying.

Don't read this.

You will be damned to hell, and sent to live with the dogs in the spare apartment if you do.

Don't read this.



(thanks for reading)

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