About Me

I live in Seattle. I've been writing some form of a blog since right around the time of the 2000 presidential election. That's what got me started. It was actually not really a blog. I am not even sure I knew what a blog was back then. It was a website that was dedicated to providing links to alternative news media, and highlighting things that I felt were stories worthy of notice. There was a very small, but loyal readership of mainly my friends from graduate school. There was a lot of rage about Bush and the election. Then there was a lot of rage about Iraq. And more rage about corporations. It was your basic liberal rant. The tagline was "If you're not angry then you're not paying attention." I made bumper stickers. I was the only one that had one on my car. I guess I was a typical graduate student in Seattle.

After the 2004 election, where things remained disillusioning, I became disillusioned, and stopped reading the news. That pretty much coincided with a transition from writing about the news into writing about whatever came to my mind. For a while, my blog lived on MySpace. When that became a dead zone, I moved it all to Facebook. Eventually, I decided that was not the place for a blog, partly because I didn't want to have such limited exposure, but also because I didn't want to have the blog clearly coupled to my real identity.

Thus, I moved it here, to Blogger.

I really wanted to use the URL "mickfeeble.com" and there's a really pathetic story about why that wasn't possible. Goes like this: I worked at Microsoft. I heard about this new website-hosting service that was free for employees; something like Office Live. So, I thought I'd try it out. Why not?! I signed up. Chose my URL (mickfeeble.com) and I was off to the races. Wrong. As soon as I got into the Office Live experience, it was clear that this "web hosting service" was an extremely limited set of tools and capabilities that was pretty much designed to allow you to have some sort of business web presence. It was a flaming piece of crap. So I contacted Microsoft (my own company!) and asked if I could please cancel my account, and free up the URL so that I could use it on a real web-hosting service. Guess what? You can probably smell this coming, right? Not possible. The domain name was not held by Microsoft. It was held by some 3rd party provider in Australia, and I would have to contact them, and probably *buy* my domain name back from them. So much for free web hosting from my wonderful company.

I settled on feeblefables.com

After a number of years, I left Microsoft and recently went to Amazon (like so many people do). That's where I am now, and it's "so far, so good."

If you read my blog, you'll know that my interests include guitar, aquariums, and probably there's something to be said about pizza as well. I guess I like statistics, data analysis, and visualization too.

I'm much less political than I was, but I could still probably pass for a Bolshevik in some circles.

Extra credit: Ask me what the image is that I use for the header of this page.


  1. Hey Mick - I'm interested in a piece you wrote on 10/28/14 about the apartment complex going up by a house you were going to buy on N 46th Street. The post showed up in a Google search but doesn't appear to be on your blog any longer. Any chance you'd share again? Cheers.

  2. Hi Anonymous -- I did have a post up there and I did take it down. I would be happy to tell you the facts that I came across and the reason for my decision not to purchase, but I would prefer to discuss it via some channel other than a blog post.